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Paul Rudd: Making Everything Better Since 1995 08/17/2010

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Ahhh the 90s. I love them. No one movie quite sums it up for me better than Clueless. It’s the quintessential viewing to satiate your 90s movie nostalgia. Remember when we all wore knee socks and mary-janes? Those were the days. But you know what the best thing about that movie is? Paul Rudd. He’s pretty much the best thing about every movie he gets involved with. He has universal charm and appeal that I truly can’t compare to any other actor of this generation.  Look at Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a hilarious movie with an excellent comedic cast including Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Russell Brand, and Jonah Hill, but still Rudd shines. “Oh the weather outside is…weather” remains one of my favorite movie lines. I could not stop laughing. Other examples include The Object of My Affection with Jennifer Aniston and I Could Never Be Your Woman with Michele Pfieffer, both fairly formulaic romantic comedies that should probably be nowhere near as enjoyable to me as they are, but that’s Paul Rudd for you. I even managed to make it through Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers much more easily than I should have because he has the starring role. The scene in Knocked Up where he has set up all the different chairs from the hotel room and suddenly says, “I gotta get in this other chair man” is one the most hilarious scenes in that movie, and that’s a pretty hilarious movie. I won’t even get into the greatness that is Anchorman. Oh and who can forget his guest starring roles as Mike (Phoebe’s eventual husband)on Friends and as the washed up lead singer of the band My Pretty Pony on Veronica Mars. Paul Rudd is comedic gold. Today I played EW’s Fall 2010 Move Madness Game and it was no surprise what came out on top…(besides Harry Potter) the movie I am most looking forward to is How Do You Know starring Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon (another of my favorites).  So if you are feeling nostalgic for the 90s pop in Clueless and enjoy the beginning of my  and possibly your love affair with Paul Rudd or catch one of the many great performances he has provided since then. You won’t be disappointed.


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