Single White Female

It's my life…

Things I LOVE 04/24/2010

Matthew Gray Gubler, Movies, Musicals, Theatre, Hairspray (the musical), Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother, Twilight, Reading, Dorks, Back to school time, Fall, Halloween, October, Disney, Glee, Zac Efron, Entertainment Weekly, the color brown, sleeping in, cuddling, Friday Night Lights, the 90s, Ma$e, Veronica Mars, Dawson’s Creek, Criminal Minds, owning DVDs of movies and tv seasons, cats, getting mail, greeting cards, being in the pool at night, having an exterminator, Netflix, my computer, taking pictures, talking about the good old days with friends, bookstores, tall skinny boys with shaggy brown hair, guys wearing khaki pants with a white button up shirt (sleeves rolled up) and brown flip flops, office supplies, the smell of old books, TV, Music, traveling, being independent, living alone, freedom, being true to myself, coaching cheerleading, working with kids as a school counselor, making a difference, my family, my friends, and much much more!


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